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See What People Are Saying On June 7th

Hi I tried to email a question to and I received an error message. Where should I send my question to? Thanks for the help!

-- Andrew N.

Hi Andrew -

Fast Money has two official e-mail addresses. which goes to the TV gang and which is a mailbox for people with comments they want posted on the web.

Not exactly sure why you received the error message. I'm guessing it was a temporary glitch. I just tried both e-mails and they're working now.

-- Lee Brodie


On last night's show Eric Bolling said he made a trade at 6AM for a SPX Put. How can he make a trade at that time of day?

-- David M.

Hi David  -

I believe Eric Bolling will make trades on exchanges located around the world at all hours of the day. I'm going to guess that's how he made this trade; perhaps on the Globex International Futures Exchange.

Hope that helps.

-- Lee Brodie

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