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CNBC.com's Real-Time Coverage of Apple CEO Steve Jobs Keynote at Apple Developers Conference


This is CNBC.com's real-time coverage of Apple CEO Steve Jobs delivering the keynote at the in San Francisco today, June 11, 2007.  All dispatches are from CNBC's Mary Thompson.  Photos are by James Martin Studios for CNBC.com.

11:28 AM PT:

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Jobs concludes speech telling developers Apple has an "awesome week planned for them".

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11:18 AM PT: iPhone

11:18 AM PT:

Jobs: iPhone goes on sale 18 days from today. He asks what about developers? Apple says it has a sweet solution all based on the fact iPhone has full Safari capabilities so developers can write Web 2.0 and Ajax apps.

11:15 AM PT:

How will Apple distribute Safari 3? Apple is releasing beta versions of Safari on Apple.com.

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11:12 AM PT:

Jobs "There is one more thing we want to tell you about."  This is about Safari, Apple's browser. Jobs says Apple wants Safari to grow more than Mac users are growing. So to do this, Safari 3 will run on Leopard AND Microsoft's XP and Vista.

Jobs says Safari is not only the most innovative browser, it is also the fastest.

11:09 AM PT: Time Machine

11:08 AM PT:

Leopard will be sold for $129.

11:06 AM PT: iChat

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Number Ten - Time machine. This is an application that automatically backs up all of a user's computer. It lets users find deleted files, too ... lets them go "back in time". This too was previewed during last year's keynote.

10:58 AM PT:

Number Nine - iChat now lets you put different backdrops on the videoconferencing tool. This is one of several new features of iChat.

So far nothing major from Jobs keynote. The Leopard features he's been speaking about were pretty much previewed in last year's keynote. Also, he has yet to say anything about iPhone. It's been all Leopard all the time.

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10:52 AM ET:

Number Eight - Dashcode, Apple is adding a movie widget to this application that lets users look up movie times, buy tickets on Fandango and see a movie trailer. Also adding "webclip" which lets users make their own widgets.

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Number Seven - Spaces, this lets users look at a variety of different applications on their computer at once.

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Number Six - Bootcamp is going to be built into Leopard which means users won't need to download it. Bootcamp lets Mac users run Microsoft's Windows XP and Vista on their machine.

10:42 AM PT:

Number Five - core animation on Leopard.

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Number Four, Leopard is 64 bit top to bottom, makes for faster execution and clearer pictures in the system.

10:36 AM PT:

Number three, the third new feature on Leopard, Quicklook. This lets users easily see what is in their files on their computer.

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Second new feature from Leopard, a new finder. Now you can share and view files from other computers on your network and with other computers over the Internet via the dotmac subscriber.

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Jobs says there are 22 million OS X users, one third of them using Tiger, the latest version and 23 percent running Panther, the release before.

Leopard will ship in October.  It will have 300 new features. Jobs is showing ten of them.

Number one, Leopard has a new desktop, one more suitable to digital photos. It has a new dock, a new menubar and something called stacks which are folders that let you get instant access to the information in your folders. This was greeted with "oos" from the audience.

10:15 AM PT:

Electronics Arts says this fall John Madden Football and Tiger Woods golf will be available for Mac.

10:12 AM PT:

Jobs say Electronic Arts is coming back to the Mac in a big way. Electronic Arts CEO Bing Gordon says titles Command and Conquer 2, Backfield 2142, Need for Speed Carbon and Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix will be available for Mac users.

10:09 AM PT:

Jobs recognizes Intel at the opening, talking about the extraordinary work Intel has done helping Apple to transition to Intel chips. Intel CEO Paul Otellini invited on stage.

Otellini says working with Apple is one of the best things that's happened in his career.

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10:05 AM PT:

Jobs says WWDC is the biggest ever with more than 5000 attending the event.

10:04 AM PT:

Meeting opens with PC guy from Apple TV ads dressed like Jobs and "announcing" Apple is closing down. PC guy pokes fun at Microsoft, now Mac admonishes him and Jobs takes the stage.

9:50 AM PT:

The room is filled. There was a rush to get the best seats with people urged "to stop running." A couple of thousand of the Apple faithful are here to hear Steve Jobs keynote address at the WWDC. The room's walls are draped with black curtains and two huge video screens hang from the ceiling in the middle of the room. Another dominates the center of the stage where Jobs will give his speech. With two minutes to go before the speech latecomers are being told there may not be seats.

9:42 AM PT:

The iPhone is getting a lot of attention from the mainstream press but most of the people in line today are focused on Leopard, Apple's latest version of its Mac OS X. Jobs previewed the operating system at last year's conference and after giving attendees a sneak peak at ten features of Leopard, teased the audience saying Apple's working on some other top secret developments for Leopard. Attendees are anxiously awaiting those secrets to be revealed this morning.

7:58 AM PT:

People were lining up outside the Mascone Center as early as 1 am Pacific this morning. Their aim? To get a front row seat to Jobs' keynote address. We've talked to developers from as far away as Denmark and Germany, Vancouver, Miami and New York. Thousands are expected to attend the Worldwide Developers conference, one of two big events, the other being MacWorld, that bring Apple fans together each year.