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CNBC's LeBeau: McDonald's Tries to Win Moms' Approval


McDonald's is hoping to win American moms' seal of approval, reports CNBC's Phil LeBeau.

The fast-food giant is giving six mothers across the country unprecedented access to the company --  from behind the counter to test kitchens -- in an effort to convince them that McDonald's is really a good choice for their families.

Marketing to mom is no accident, LeBeau said. While McDonald's research found that families are eating at their restaurants up to three times a month, the company said they've also heard that parents weren't aware of the "quality choices" they offer for kids' meals.

"What McDonald’s is doing is really very smart," LeBeau said. "While the company realizes it has wonderful cache with kids around the country, ultimately, to get the kids into the restaurant it has to win over mom."

"Increasingly, these companies are not only using these mothers for feedback, but to also get the word out about their products," LeBeau added, referring to similar efforts by Yum! Brands' KFC restaurants and Nintendo.

McDonald's has already won over some moms. The company said U.S. same-store sales rose 7.4% in May, driven by a Shrek the Third promotion, breakfast business and new products. Globally, same-store sales rose 8.7% in May.