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iPhone Rivals Waiting to Pounce

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It goes without saying that Apple’s iPhone -- 18 days from its launch -- is one of the year’s most anticipated product launches. But when it hits the market on June 29, it will face lots of competition from rival smart phones -- many of which are already available.

Sascha Segan, an analyst at PC Magazine, displayed several alternatives to the iPhone on “Power Lunch.”

“The iPhone is going to be spectacular,” said Segan, "but I wonder how people will deal with the total lack of physical keys.”

Segan demonstrated some handheld units, including Research in Motion's BlackBerry Curve, which has already received positive reviews and works like a standard BlackBerry with upgraded functions.

Among others he presented were the Nokia N95 from Nokia; the N95 is an open-system smart phone that can open thousands of different programs at one time. LG's Prada Phone is the new European hit; it functions just like the iPhone -- but already has a loyal customer base. And lastly, the HTC Touch from HTC (High Tech Computer) uses Microsoft Windows Mobile and will be compatible with services and portals like Yahoo!, Napster and Raspberry.

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When asked how the iPhone will compare with the competing products Segan responded: “I don’t think anyone can really make an informed decision until they’ve seen it, felt it and spent some time with it.”