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It's Time for the Lightning Round!


Volvo : “I should have been recommending this for a long time,” Cramer says. If Volvo breaks itself up, he thinks it would be worth $30.

Blue Coat Systems : Even though this stock is at a 52-week high, Cramer remains bullish. “Web security is so hot that I’m not backing away,” he says.

Netflix : “It always seems expensive to me,” Cramer says. “Don’t buy.”

Clean Energy Fuels : Cramer has to do his homework and come back to this one.

Waste Management : The waste management industry is in “major bull market mode,” Cramer says, and he wants to stick with WMI.

Lightning Round

Cramer really doesn’t know the Lightning Round callers ahead of time. Tonight, Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D – New York), Cramer’s good friend and former classmate, surprised Skeedaddy by calling in and congratulating him on his 500th episode. “You’re doing a great job!” Cramer told him. "You just made the 500th Lightning Round my favorite Lightning Round ever!"

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