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Dear Jim: What do you think about Dick Notebaert retiring? I had become very interested in Q over the past few weeks but as of yet had not purchased any shares. They seemed like they were in the midst of major improvements and the stock seemed like a good turnaround/breakout story, even maybe a leveraged buyout target. The fact the CEO is leaving at such a potentially critical juncture really gives me worry ... what is your take? Should I abandon hope, or step in at some point if it continues to get hammered? --Mike

Notebaert told Cramer on the show last month that he wasn’t retiring and then unexpectedly resigned today. “I didn’t like this,” Cramer says. “The stock got hit. I’m not ready to pull the trigger … Notebaert is the reason I was recommending Qwest . I feel this is one of the situations where I have to ring the register and walk away from the table.”

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