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See What People Are Saying On June 12th

Google is too far ahead of Yahoo and the only hope for Yahoo is for Microsoft to buy them out and join forces.  Other than Microsoft buying has no chance.  A new CEO and board is just a start.

-- Darrell W from Kansas City

Hi Darrell -

That's a very interesting point. I've included a link to a recent post that I thought you might be interested in reading. It includes info about which companies the guys think will drive the tech sector going forward.  Now It's Your Turn NASDAQ.

-- Lee Brodie


Mike Huckman....fantastic.. what a great reporter and the speculative nature of pharma and biotech makes awesome TV. Constance Hunter .....more more more....she knows her stuff and always brings interesting ideas. Also the guy from red star last Friday was excellent.

-- Kevin S.

Hi Kevin -

Thanks for the nice note about the guests. Fast Money always tries to bring you insight and compelling information that you wouldn't find anywhere else. And the guy from Red Star, that's Tim Seymour.

-- Lee Brodie

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