Are higher interest rates making you rethink your investment strategy?


"No, I have a long term stock plan that I follow and I plan to stick with. I do not make snap choices with my stock portfolio because it can bite you hard come tax time."
-- Jonathan, Alabama

"The higher interest rates are not bothering me at this time since all my investments are in long-term securities. If the trend of higher interest rates continues for a long time, it will definitely affect me. But then, it appears that we are playing with the investors and the country this game of constantly raising and lowering the interest rates to set the economy at a certain level. Only a few people appear to benefit from this game!"
-- Atul L., Georgia

"Just a good opportunity to add to solid positions. The world economy will continue to grow in the second half of 2007. DOW will be 14500 by then."  
-- Lanny J., Alabama

"No. Rates are still at historically low levels."
-- Bill V., Michigan

"No. Interest rate fluctuations are minor and spread out over time. None of them require a knee-jerk response. Except of 10% of my portfolio being in options, I am a long term investor. Short term ups and downs in the market or in interest rates do not bother me. This isn't the age of 20% mortgages like in the 70's -- relax people, and stop being so trigger happy."
-- Brian B., Wisconsin

"I have been in the market for years without panicking and will continue to re-invest dividends and capital gains distributions as this will allow me to ‘Dollar Cost Average’ on my mutual funds. The bond market is becoming a better value and as such will look for long term, high coupon bonds with short-term call features."
-- Cary W., Arizona

"No. I have a diversified, long-term investment plan that I review annually and make changes then if needed. I don't make knee jerk changes in response to daily moves or headlines. My mortgage is fixed rate, and my credit cards are low rate cards that never carry a balance. So the interest rate movements do not affect my day-to-day decisions."
-- Ray M., Florida