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Some Boston Scientific Liability Claims Can Proceed: Judge


A federal judge has ruled that some product liability claims against Boston Scientific over heart defibrillators can proceed, rejecting the medical device company's motions to dismiss them.

Guidant, which Boston Scientific bought last year, continued to sell heart rhythm management devices after learning of possible defects, Judge Donovan Frank of the U.S. District Court in Minnesota said in a ruling on Tuesday.

"This case concerns the issues of whether, how, and to whom information was shared ... about a device with an alleged defect," Judge Frank wrote in his ruling, which denied five company motions, granted two, and issued a split decision on an eighth.

Boston Scientific , which bought Guidant last year to acquire its portfolio of heart devices, recalled more than 100,000 of the products between 2005 and 2006.

Boston Scientific shares closed Tuesday at $16.05 on the New York Stock Exchange.