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Acadia, Tundra And Fit Turn Up The Heat


The latest list of hottest selling vehicles (those that spent the fewest number of days in showrooms), which is compiled by J.D. Power's Power Information Network every month  includes three vehicles that were red hot in May--for three completely different reasons. And each one is an important model for their company. So let me run down the list and touch on the three models I believe are most important on this list.

#1. Honda Fit

2007 Honda Fit

It's not surprising the Fit, with it's compact price and small price tag ($16,233) was the fastest selling vehicle in May. Last month, as gas prices surged well over $3.00 a gallon, there was once again the push among buyers to move in to more fuel efficient vehicles. Enter the Fit. Along with Nissan's Versa and Toyota's Yaris, the Fit is the perfect car for people who want great gas mileage in a versatile little car. Expect this run to continue in June.

#2. Honda CR-V
#2. Lexus LS Series
#2. GMC Acadia
(three way tie)

2007 GMC Acadia

The Acadia ($34,614) is a exactly the type of model GM needed to prove that it can beat the competition with a sharp looking crossover utility vehicle. It's interior is nicely appointed, the exterior has a distinctive stance (not easy to do with a CUV), and most importantly for GM, the Acadia is a fresh looking crossover in showrooms when high gas prices have utility vehicle buyers looking for something different that gets decent mileage. Like I said, this is exactly the type of vehicle GM needs right now.

#5. Audi TT
#6. Volvo C70
#7. Lexus GX Series
#8. BMW X5
#9. Toyota Tundra

Toyota Tundra

Sorry Toyota bashers, but May proved the Tundra ($31,885) is a force to be reckoned with in the full-size pick-up market. For the first month since its roll-out in February, Tundra sales topped the monthly target (16,500) the company needs to hit in order to reach its annual sales target of 200,000. This is a pick-up that is not going away. There are even Big 3 pick-up owners who admit that Toyota's new truck is impressive. Don't believe me? Go ask some of the ranchers I've talked with over the last two months while reporting on Toyota's effort to push the Tundra.

#10. BMW 5 Series
#10. Toyota Prius
#10. Lexus RX Series
#10. Lincoln MKX
(four way tie)

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