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Companies Shell Out Millions To Do Business at U.S. Open

About 250 companies are paying millions of dollars to do business out at the U.S. Open, CNBC's Darren Rovell reports.

Largest spenders are shelling out $200,000 for their hospitality tent. Meals are costing roughly $130 per person and some companies even spend an extra $95,000 to make their tent look more attractive.

“You might say $200,000 for a tent is a lot of money, and it is!” said Mimi Griffin, director of marketing in the U.S Open Championship.

“Except when you break it down on a cost per person basis, you’re talking about 100 tickets per day, seven days," she added. "You’re talking about a cost of maybe $250 to $350 per person. And if you have a company or client that’s bringing tens of thousands of dollars in business, of course you’re going to spend that kind of money on them.”

Around 60% of the companies who have tables and tents are located in the Pittsburgh area near the Oakmont Country Club, while the other 40% are national. But they all say it’s hard to even estimate return on investment.