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Cramer's Crisp and Clear on NVIDIA


When you find a company that’s taking market share, that’s a stock you want to bet on, Cramer says.

Even if it’s too early in the year to own tech. Even if it’s up big today. Even if it’s at a 52-week high.

That’s where NVIDIA is right now. The graphics-processor maker is dominating the high end of a strong PC gaming market, but it also counts Apple and Sony, which licenses NVIDIA chips for the PlayStation 3, as clients.

The company has beaten expectations for the last four quarters, and its 22 times 2007 earnings estimates makes it cheap, considering its momentum. That momentum and the continuing likelihood of NVIDIA taking market share make the stock a great speculation play, Cramer says.

What boggles our favorite 63-year-old stock picker is the lack of support from analysts. There are 19 buy, eight hold and two sell calls on NVIDIA despite the big run, the 52-week high and the fact that analysts in general are bullish on tech right now. If some of those holds turn into buys, the stock should go up, Cramer says.

The billion-dollar buyback the company is doing shouldn’t hurt either. Quite impressive, considering it’s a $14 billion company.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for momentum, look no further than NVDA.

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