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CNBC and UBS launch 21st Century Leadership

Singapore, 11 June 2007 – CNBC, First in Business Worldwide, has announced the development and launch of an integrated marketing solution to UBS for its thought-leadership engagement campaign. The campaign is themed “21st Century Leadership” and will address current economic issues in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and China.  The series will be aired on CNBC and will be filmed throughout Asia Pacific.

The campaign is split into 2 periods, with the first one - from mid-April to mid-July and the second one from the end of August to mid October. It involves 2 elements - an on-air component, and an online component, including an interactive portal and viral marketing component.

The first part of the on-air element is the sponsorship of a series of programs, which aim to address pertinent issues prevalent in the region, and discuss their impact on the economy. The program series explores how major industries help the regional economy grow and advance into the 21st Century. The specials feature interviews with top business leaders and politicians, who share their views on the topics of discussion. These half-hour programs will be aired on Saturday and Sunday of every themed week. 

Segments from the programs are included in CNBC’s daily programs, "Squawk Box" and "CNBC’s Cash Flow." On-air spots and specially produced UBS thought leadership vignettes are also included in this sponsorship.

The on-air element will be complemented by an online element.  A microsite has been developed, which includes weekly specials and updates of the program.  This site also features exclusive UBS content in the 120-second vignettes and an interactive forum for viewers to voice their personal opinions.

Additionally, a unique feature has been built into the microsite, which allows users to share this resource with other people.  This viral marketing component adds value to the UBS’s brand presence amongst CNBC’s elite viewers of C-suite and "High Net Worth" viewers, who are also accessing CNBC online.

Seraphina Wong, Regional Head of Brand Management, Asia Pacific, at UBS said, “This exclusive sponsorship with CNBC is a key aspect in our integrated marketing campaign. It is a distinctive approach that enables us to reach and engage our target group as it is relatively similar to that of CNBC. This new series, which focuses on leadership of the 21st century, will help UBS position itself at the forefront of thought leadership in the banking industry.

Adrian New, Senior Vice President, Advertising Sales, CNBC Asia Pacific added, “21st Century Leadership is a perfect example of the multi-platform integrated marketing packages that CNBC is able to tailor make for our clients. The series will enable UBS to demonstrate to a senior and influential audience the impact of pertinent issues affecting this region, and how business and corporate leaders are able to make an impact in the growth of this region.”

About  21st Century Leadership Program Series

As mentioned, the campaign will be split into 2 periods - the first one starting in mid April and will run until mid July and the second period will begin at the end of August and will run till the end of October. The programs will examine economic issues in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Australia.

The series covered in Singapore will vary from population expansion, biotech and research, Singapore heritage, shift from manufacturing center to service industry, collaborating with neighbours as well as issues pertaining to the development of the upcoming Integrated Resort.

Air Date : June 2, 2007 and June 3,2007 at 9.00pm ( Singapore ) 9.10pm ( Australia )

The series on Hong Kong will discuss issues and developments, ten years after the handover to China. CNBC will also look at how the handover has impacted Hong Kong in terms of infrastructure, heritage, leaders and most importantly , its people.

Air Date : June 16, 2007 and June 17,2007 at 9.00m ( Singapore ) 9.10pm ( Australia )

The series will  also talk about how Australia, one of the strongest economies in the world, with a population of more than 20 million people cope with the challenges of a fast changing Australian workforce. Since energy is the dominant source of greenhouse emissions in Australia, the Government has been actively trying to come up with programmes to reduce such emission and yet still be able to facilitate the needs of the community for ecologically sustainable energy services. CNBC looks at the viability of nuclear energy for Australia as it tries to fuel its energy needs in the 21st century.

Air Date : Sept 8, 2007 and Sept 9,2007 at 9.00m ( Singapore )  9.10pm ( Australia )

21st Century Leadership" will also look into issues in China, such as the changes and impacts that have occurred ever since their joining the World Trade Organization in 2001, as well as look at what the Chinese Government and businesses are doing in order to maintain a sustainable growing economy. Besides that, CNBC will be looking at how China plans to integrate Hong Kong into their main economy and how it will further encourage more foreign investors to go directly to China without routing through Hong Kong.

Air Date : Sept 22, 2007 and Sept 23,2007 at 9.00pm ( Singapore ) 9.10pm ( Australia)

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