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Best Buy "Sounds Out" iPod Set

Best Buyis known for selling old fashioned music-- you know, CDs? Now, Best Buy is pushing to keep up with the iPod set. The big box retailer announced that more than 450 of its stores will carry the Sonos Digital Music System, which it boasts is the only multi-room wireless music system with handheld control. The idea is that customers connect Sonos to their direct music services like Sonos or Pandora, to play music all over their home, starting at $999 for two rooms of music.

Now, Best Buy already sells all the Apple gadgets-- including Apple TV and Apple Airports, which effectively allow you to blast music around your house. So this is Best Buy's way of marketing the digital music market. And to try to generate new business to supplement dropping CD sales.

The question is how many people will pay up for this service-- Sonos has a reputation for being good, but pricey, and that's not changing with this announcement.

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