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Did Video Really Kill The Radio Star?

In Wednesday’s Face 2 Face the guys ask if there’s still fast money to be made in the radio business. We turn on the webcams around the country to find out.

Webcaller #1: Rocky Allen from WPLJ in New York City

Is there any life left in your business?

Of course there is says Allen. Radio has content and the stuff that people want.

Face 2 Face

Are people worried about satellite?

There is virtually no talk around the office about that, explains Allen. Radio is an intimate medium and as long as there are personalities on the radio it always will be.

Will radio benefit from the election?

Guy Adami says yes. He thinks Cumulus (CMLS) media is the big winner in that arena.

Is the iPod hurting your business?

For the radio stations that don’t have personality, absolutely! replies Allen. For people who don’t want commercials – that’s an issue. But people driving in cars want companions, and as long as radio has personalities, that will overcome.

Webcaller #2: Bender from KISS 106.1 in Seattle.

Is the iPod your greatest competitor?

It is – but it all comes down to content, says Bender. And iPod is coming out with accessories so people can still listen to radio!

Anybody in your office sweating?

Not at all says Bender.

Dylan Ratigan asks the guys what they think.

Jeff Macke says radio has been a very poorly run industry and the answer will be expense control. Eric Bolling says content is king!

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