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See What People Are Saying On Thurs. June 21st

What about Potash in the Ag play?Love the show.

-- Sheila M.

Hi Sheila -

Although the guys often talk about many different companies in the agriculture space - Eric Bolling's "Ag Play" is only made up of 4 stocks. They are Agrium (AGU) Bunge (BG), Deere (DE) and Monsanto (MON). Here's a link if you'd like to read more.

> The Fast Money Ag Play

-- Lee Brodie


Farmers making big profits? Are you guys nuts?! Higher commodity prices, yes. More net profit, no way. Increased costs of FERTILIZER, along with increased expense for fuel, chemicals, water, seed, interest, and EQUIPMENT means that everyone EXCEPT the farmer will be making more money this year.

-- David B. from Missouri

Hi David -

Thanks for the note. Many different opinions make up the conversation - including yours!

-- Lee Brodie

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