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Can You Pass Today's Test?

On grade the trade we test the trading prowess of some of the most promising business students in the nation. This week they’re from Georgetown, Miami University, The Old Dominion University, and Georgia Tech.

Get ready – school’s in session.

Grade the Trade

Our business school students have been given the questions in advance, and have 30 seconds to answer.

Grad #1: Roshani From McDonough School Of Business At Georgetown University

Originally from Nepal, Roshani has 2 years of private wealth management experience.

Here’s the scenario: Congress passes a law that essentially taxes profits made by private-equity and hedge-fund managers at the income tax rate, rather than the lower capital gains rate. What are you buying, what are you selling as this scenario unfolds?

Roshani is buying blue chips stocks with international exposure. Domestic stocks such as GE (GE), Qualcomm (QCOM) and Pepsico (PEP), And international stocks such as Schlumberger (SLB), GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Siemens (SIE) and Unilever (UL). She’s selling domestic REIT’s.

Karen Finerman doesn't love Roshani's trades and giver her a “C” - she does, however, like that Roshani answered with conviction.

Grad #1: Roshani

Grad #2: David from The Farmer School Of Business At Miami University

David just returned from a 2 month internship in China.

Here’s the scenario: Russia builds a natural gas pipeline to China. What are you buying, what are you selling as this scenario unfolds?

David is buying Gazprom, Alcoa (AA), Alcan (AL) and more… and he’s selling Peabody (BTU), and PetroChina (PTR).

Tim Seymour gives David a “B+”

Grad #2: David

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