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Coke May Be Eyeing Cadbury's Snapple: Beverage Digest


Coca-Cola   may be interested in acquiring Cadbury Schweppes's Snapple iced tea, a trade publication reported Friday.

Citing several Coke system executives, Beverage Digest reported that "Coke might be interested -- or in words of some, should be interested -- in buying Snapple to beef up its tea business."

"One source suggests it's a 'fair assumption' that Coke would have interest in Snapple," Beverage Digest reported.

Coke spokesman Ben Deutsch declined to comment.

A Cadbury Americas Beverages spokesman said one of the key growth drivers of the business, which is nearing a sale or spin-off from its candy-company parent, is its diverse portfolio.

"It gives us an opportunity to compete in the carbonated soft drink market," said company spokesman Charles Alfaro, referring to brands that Dr Pepper and Sunkist. But "as consumers are looking for flavors and variety and alternatives to carbonated soft drinks, our portfolio makes us well-positioned with brands like Snapple, Mott's and Hawaiian Punch."