Mad Money

Sell Block

When you have double-digit gains, you have to take profits. Bulls, bears, hogs…you know the rule.

So with so many of Cramer’s recommendations up this week, it was time to stash some cash and start playing with the house’s money.

Remember those “benefit of the doubt” retailers Cramer highlighted back in March? Well, VF Corp. is up more than 11%, Ralph Lauren is up more than 12%, and RadioShack is up more than 22%. It’s probably a good idea to take at least 25% off the table – maybe more of RadioShack – and position yourself for higher prices, Cramer said. You don’t want all these gains getting wiped out.

Sell Block

Cramer also ran a segment in March about how to pick through the rubble for good stocks after that big sell-off. He thought General Cable, First Solar and Chemed fit the bill. Since his call, those stocks are up 56%, 68% and 44%, respectively.

The Supreme Court said global warming was a problem when it handed down a decision on Massachusetts vs. the Environmental Protection Agency. Cramer’s green plays on that ruling were Fuel Tech, Foster-Wheeler and Shaw Group, and all of them are up significantly since then. Again, it’s time to take profits if you haven’t already.

As for the odds and ends, it’s probably time to cash out of FC Stone and Oakley , which are up 34% and 74%, respectively. The same goes for Clearwire at $23. Cramer recommended it in the mid-teens, and it has been a rough ride since. He’s sick of fighting with it.

Bottom Line: Anything you have with a double-digit percentage gain, it’s time to take something off the table and put it in the sell block.

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