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Dear Jim: I have been following your breakdown of Buffett's holdings and noticed that you may have left out one very interesting company. Although Buffett's stake is very small, around 4%, he does own Posco , an integrated steel producer in South Korea. In fact, Buffett has reportedly said Posco is the world's best iron and steel maker. I know it has had a nice run since Buffett announced his stake, and recently the company made some nice business moves, but I was wondering what your take is on the company at this stage in the game? --Bill

Mad Mail

Cramer says: “Posco is a very inexpensive stock and a great steelmaker.” His favorites are domestic companies: Reliance and Allegheny Technologies , but Posco is good, he said.


Dear Jim:My question is about mergers and buyouts. This year, I've had four different holdings that were (or will be) bought out - some public, some private. The minute the announcement is made, the stock invariably floats up pretty close to the offer price. Is there a rule of thumb for when to cash in? Should I take the money now, or is there a downside in waiting for the deal to close? Love the show! --Phil

Cramer says: “Take the money now!” Those who didn’t cash out in MGM ended up wiping out a whole quarter’s worth of money, he said, so ring the register here. “Bulls make money, bears make money, hogs get slaughtered.”

Cramer says: “Cummins is still going higher. I said ring the register at $100.” As for Spartan, it was down a couple of points today, so be careful, he said.

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