Mad Money

Spotting Moves

Tonight's show is all about staying one step ahead of the Street. How do you spot a bottom before it happens? How can you call a top, in a stock or the whole market, so you get out before things tumble down? How can you tell when a company’s going to revise its earnings estimates up or down? How do you know when money is about to move from one sector to another? In short: How can you tell which way a stock is going to move before it happens? How can you know this stuff ahead of the Street, the pros, the big shots? It’s easy, just pay attention.

If you can spot a big move in a stock or the whole market before it happens, you’re made in the shade. Tonight, Cramer is teaching Home Gamers everything he has learned about calling these moves from working at his hedge fund and from putting on this show. He’ll start with bottoms, those times when stocks have hit their low points and are ready to move higher, then he’ll tell you about tops – there are all kinds of tops, and you’d better be ready for them because they're dangerous. After that, he’ll explain how he tries to call earnings revisions and sector rotations before they happen. If you learn how to do what he does, you’ll have a big edge on the Street.

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