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The iPhone Design - Dreamy Or Dreary?

We ask top product designer Karim Rashid what he thinks of the new iPhone's shape... as well as which companies are most aggressive with design innovation.

Rashid designed the bottles for Method soap, a seven-dollar trash can that has sold 5 million units and a cone-shaped vacuum cleaner that sells at stores such as Wal-Mart (WMT)

Do you think the iPhone is well designed?

The interface is phenomenal. It’s seemless says Rashid. The idea of touchpad is beautiful. Touchpad technology is finally at a level where it works reliably. He adds, the shape, however is benal.

What would you suggest?

I’m suggesting to re-think the human interface.

But this is the first time where the whole rectangle is the screen?

Face 2 Face

4 years ago in Japan there were similar mobile phones in which the whole face was a touch pad explains Rashid. What’s great about Apple is they have such a following they will set a precedent.

Rashid then explains that he designed the bottles for Method soap. All the products have a level of invention, he adds.

Which companies are most aggressive in employing design?

Nike (NKE) is a very design driven company, answer Rashid. They changed the entire face of the running shoe market.

Eric Bolling adds iPod revolutionized the way people listen to music. And before that, the Sony (SNE) Walkman did the same.

Face 2 Face

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