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U.S. Needs to Help China Through its Rough Times: Advisor

International concerns over China's food safety problems have increased, though one advisor said the U.S. must still look after its trading partner.

"China is a natural ally of the United States. We should not make it otherwise," Robert Kuhn, senior advisor at Citigroup said on "Power Lunch." He added that China is using its own media to make improvements by disclosing food inspectors' complaints that industrial chemicals are being used in several Chinese food products, including candy, pickles, and seafood.

The China Challenge

"We have to help China become a responsible and a leading country in the world," Kuhn said.

However, Peter Navarro, a business professor at the University of California and author of "The Coming China Wars," is unwilling to pay higher taxes so regulators can oversee Chinese operations. This would offset the savings from cheap Chinese imports, he said.

Navarro believes pressure on China through media coverage is a step in the right direction, though he said food and product safety must be high on the Chinese government's list as well.

"It has to begin with the Chinese," he said.