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Warren's Public Conversation with Hillary

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
J. Scott Applewhite

Warren Buffett will be appearing tonight with Senator Hillary Clinton at a New York fundraiser for her presidential campaign.  The event is being put together by some of Hillary's Wall Street supporters (and there are plenty of them - see Fortune's latest cover story) including Morgan Stanley chief John Mack.  Don't jump to conclusions, though.  The Financial Times points out that Buffett hasn't endorsed Ms. Clinton yet, saying both she and Barack Obama would make fine Presidents.  And the WSJ's Washington Wire has quoted Buffett as saying "If there's anything I can do to help either of these people become president, I'd be delighted to do it, and I think I'd be doing something for the country."

CNBC's producer on the scene tells us there will be two events.  First, a dinner for 50 people.  Donation: $4600, which is the most any one person can donate right now.  As a result, anyone who has already given money to the Clinton campaign won't be able to attend. (It's still cheap compared to what it would cost you for lunch with WarrenLatest bid as of lunchtime in New York: $114,300)

Next at 8:30PM ET: Hillary's "Conversation with Warren Buffett" at New York's Sheraton Hotel.  This event will come with a lower contribution price-tag and won't be quite as intimate as the dinner.

CNBC will be there.  Watch TV, the site and this space for our coverage.

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