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Warren Buffet

This is a new kind of blog for CNBC.com.  Most of our other "personality" blogs are written by CNBC-TV reporters, focusing on their "beats."  The focus of this blog isn't a CNBC personality, but he is someone almost everybody knows:  Warren Buffett.

My goal is to keep an eye on Warren Buffett, and what people are reporting, blogging or saying about Warren Buffett and his investments.  He is, after all, one of the most successful investors of all time and his easy-going, plain-folks persona has made him a hero to many.  (Full disclosure: I'm one of the many.)  It won't all be ice cream and candy, though.  I will work hard to keep you up to date on all facets of the "Oracle of Omaha" - both positive and negative.

And to be very clear, this blog is not written, edited, produced with Mr. Buffett's cooperation, help, encouragement or anything else.

Questions?  Comments?  Email me at buffettwatch@cnbc.com