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YouTVpc and Peekvid Sued By Movie Studios Over Piracy

filed suits late Tuesday on behlaf of Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox against and

The Wall Street Journal broke the story Wednesday night.

The sites don't actually provide copyright-violating material--which is their defence--but they do show users where to find that material, which is the studios' problem with the site. The studios are scared of going the way of the music industry, as they should be.

As the studios get closer to full-fledged digital distribution, they need to be extra careful about sites like these. The problem is that connecton speeds are getting faster and faster, so it's easier and faster to download than ever.

This is just one part of the battle-- on the other hand there's the user-generated content that incorporates professionally generated content, which makes the clips harder to track and remove. The studios aren't taking any risks--I'll keep an eye on this case moving forward!

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