Mad Money

Moving With the Market

If you’re going to watch Mad Money effectively, you have to know that Cramer is going to change his mind often. That’s because the market is dynamic and things are constantly changing, so his opinions will change, too. You can’t rely on five hours of television a week to tell you exactly what you should buy, exactly when you should buy it, and then exactly when to sell.

How to Use Mad Money, Pt. 5

After a certain point, you’re on your own. This is why Cramer emphasizes homework. He recommends one hour per week per stock you own. If you do your homework, you’ll probably make a whole lot more money.

Bottom Line: Cramer doesn’t deliver eternal truth on this show, and he often changes his mind. If you want to watch this show the right way, you need to understand the radical contingency of every recommendation he makes. Even the best stocks are fragile, and you always have to stay flexible.

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