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See What People Are Saying On June 29th

I happen to agree with the analyst who recently began coverage on Maidenform. As a rather large chested woman, bras are something that I will always buy no matter what. They are something I cannot go without...and I believe that most women will continue to purchase bras even if they have to go without other necessities.

-- Lisa P. from Montana

Hi Lisa -

You're obviously referring to the trade on Thursday's Web.Extra. So glad you're enjoying this new feature.

And readers, if you don't know what Lisa is talking about - click hereto see the post.

-- Lee Brodie


Dylan Ratigan’s concern about the uninsured relating to healthcare should be commended. Melissa Lee’s point is well taken, but we need to find a solution for the uninsured.

Great job Dylan!

-- JT from Hawaii

One minute of Michael Moore was 1 minute too many! I cannot believe the wonderful plug your show gave  this “SICKO”.

-- Ernie from Nevada

Hi JT & Erinie -

Thanks for taking the time to write. Healthcare is certainly a hot issue, isn't it.

Personally, I thought the conversation you're both referencing was so compelling, I'm hoping readers will take a few minutes and watch the video clip. My recap just can't capture that kind of passion.

Click hereto see our heated debate over healthcare. (The post is called  Michael Moore Comes To Wall Street.)

-- Lee Brodie

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