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The Anti-iPhone

With iPhone fever reaching fever pitch, its a wonder that not every man, woman, and child is at an Apple store right now. However, there are some who prefer a simpler era of wireless communication. Jane Wells has the story.

Here an excerpt from Jane’s Report.

You'd actually think 99% of America was in line to buy an iPhone today. Actually 99% are out doing something else.

There are the people in line and then there is Ed Frank. He’s a commodities trader in Los Angeles--one of the 290 million Americans who will not be buying an iPhone.

In fact, call Frank the anti iPhone; he hasn't bought a new cell phone in 9 years. He's in love with his Motorola (MOT) Startac, which was the iPhone of its day and touted as the smallest cell phone ever. The first one sold for $1,000.

It won Popular Science's "Best of What's New Award" in 1996--and became the “must have” phone in an era of bulkier devices.

Ed Frank says his phone still has better sound quality than anything new.  “There's no echo, there's no chamber sound, it's as clear as a bell. The only thing I'm concerned about is if they don't make parts anymore,” he says.

Although people occasionally stare at his phone, he continues to wear it on his belt, right next to his pager.  Sure he may be a little old school... but if you feel like you're the only one in America not interested in an iPhone.. You are not alone.

The Anti-iPhone

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