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Top Sports Ad Contest: You Pick The Best of The Worst!

I received such a great response to the horrific Steve Nash-Ahmad Rashad Raymond Weil watch ad that I’ve decided to launch a worst ad contest here on SportsBiz. The rules are pretty simple.

1. It can be any type of ad: TV, magazine, radio, etc., as long as you can e-mail it to me. So it’s preferred that a TV commercial is on YouTube so the readers can easily view it.

2. It can be an ad that is currently running or an ad that has run in the past. It can not be fake like this Tom Emanski video.

3. The ad has to have an athlete in it.

4. The ad has to be really badly executed by the company, by the athlete or just really funny, like Mary Lou Retton pitching for overactive bladder drugs.

5. Entries will be accepted through July 21, so you have plenty of time to get it in.

    Email entries to .

6. The final week of July, there will be an online poll to determine the winner.

7. The winner gets nothing but fame and glory.

To kick it off, I give you the latest ad with Danica Patrick and Samsonite, which falls into the “badly executed by company strategy.”

Samsonite Advertisement

Danica Patrick is starring into the sky, sitting on  some car, by some gas pump and the luggage that is behind her looks like a  car seat. Who were the ad wizards that thought up this one?

I'll give you one more. The "I Am Diana Pearl" ad  featuring Mike Ditka, Refrigerator Perry, Jim McMahon and Dennis  Rodman.

Not Guaranteed To Appear?

Buick Open Advertisement

I wonder if anyone who bought tickets to the Buick Open this weekend could claim they bought it because of this ad from weeks ago and try to get their money back. It features Tiger Woods and Woods isn’t playing because of the birth of his daughter. It doesn’t promise that Tiger Woods will be there, but it also doesn’t say “Not guaranteed to appear” either. On an interesting note, the Los Angeles Galaxy have added David Beckham non-guarantees to its Ticketmaster site.

What If The Silnas Sold Out?
I received some great e-mails from people who read yesterday’s Silna Brothers story.The best one came from Dr. Matt Brown, an associate professor at the University of South Carolina’s Department of Sport and Entertainment Management. The students in his summer Sport Finance class figured out that by discounting tax and the industry’s cost of equity capital, the Silnas could sell their rights from this upcoming season through 2016 for $104.5 million right now.

Questions?  Comments?