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See What People Are Saying On July 2nd

I'm not sure why CNBC has been so negative on the iPhone. I just got mine and it blows my BlackBerry away in every regard. Just my two cents but I think your coverage is pretty far off the mark.

-- Eric from MD


Why would you buy an iPod and an iPhone at the same time? Will iPod become an iRedundant Pod?

-- VL


I can't wait until FOX gets it's business channel up and running and puts you where you belong...eating humble pie...How dare you RANK on AAPL's iPhone...

-- Steve H


It seems Fast Money viewers are very passionate about Apple's new iPhone. As I hope you know, every voice counts at CNBC so please keep your opinions coming!

-- Lee Brodie

ps - if you want to read more about the iPhone check out Dylan Ratigan's interview with Richard Burns, the President of Network Operations for AT&T Mobility (that's the iPhone's wireless carrier). Click here.

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