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The Green Bay Packer Of Lawns--Encap


What the Green Bay Packers mean to football is what Encap just might end up meaning to your lawn. And to acres of recovering forest land all over the United States.

Keep your eye on this one--and on that brown spot in your lawn. Encap '...invents, manufactures and distributes environment-friendly advanced soil technology products.."

A forest burns, and what's to keep the ground from being washed away? Right now the forest service 'bombs' the burned out areas with straw. Soon, on a much wider scale, they'll be delivering Encap products to those areas around Lake Tahoe and across the West, as we face off with one of the most potentially hazardous, and economically disastrous fire seasons on record.

Started by Mike Krysiak, this Green Bay Wisconsin-based company is one of the wonderful examples of American ingenuity. A man with an idea, and the intestinal fortitude to make it happen. You have to love it when it all works.

Krysiak has developed what he calls the 'three legged stool' approach to his business model--and along with it, a soil 'technology' that allows seed and other natural products to be 'delivered' to the earth with virtual certainty of success. Brown spots in your lawn, creek bed restoration, golf course applications. All in mixture produced for consumers and highway departments and large commercial operators in Encap's 20,000 square foot plant in Green Bay.

Now with nationwide distribution--look for it at the big boxes, and the 'organic' garden centers--Encap just may have come up with the first real, innovation, in the home gardening/fertilizer/seed delivery system in a long time.

Catch this--one of the products, once applied, will actually 'signal' you when it's time to water---and then when it's time to stop!!!!

It all starts with recycled office paper--yes, recycled office paper--a 'mulch' of sorts that is the carrier of the Encap system, and of the fertilizers and seeds. And along with it's domestic potential--the international market is a green 'gold mine' for this kind of soil control technology and recycling.

Talk to Mike Krysiak and you can't help but smile. A guy with an idea--who made it work--and now it's all working out. Don't you love it when it all comes together?

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