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Meet Warren Buffett's Lunch Date

The man who is paying over $650,000 (with a little help from one of his friends, hedge-fund manager Guy Spier) for lunch with Warren Buffett appeared this morning on CNBC's Squawk Box.

Mohnish Pabrai, who runs Pabrai Investment Funds of California, told our Becky Quick that he's learned so much about investing and about life from Mr. Buffett that "I have a large tuition bill due" and his bid is just "making a dent in it."  (All the money goes to Buffett's favorite chairty, the Glide Foundation of San Francisco.)

One of the lessons he's taken to heart is trying to make the world a better place with the money he's accumulated.  Pabrai and his wife have created their own charity, The Dakshana Foundation, that provides scholarships to underprivledged children in India.  ("The beneficiary of aid today is the donor of tomorrow.")

Pabrai's own daughters, age 10 and 11, will be there for the lunch.  He's asked them to think of some questions to ask Buffett.  So far, he says, they haven't given it much thought, but since the big day is still several months away, they have some time.

Here's the clip:

Buffett Lunch Winner

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