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On the Line: Ceradyne CEO Joel Moskowitz

Ceradyne , one of the Defense Department’s top suppliers of body armor, has long been a popular stock in Cramerica. But lately the bears have been saying the company doesn’t have room to grow. Cramer put Joel Moskowitz, CEO of Ceradyne, on the line to respond.

Ceradyne CEO

“We’re more than just a one-trick pony,” Moskowitz said. Ceradyne is a making a “major move” in manufacturing products for nuclear-waste containment, he said. The company has opened a factory in Canada and recently acquired EaglePitcher Boron, a company that specializes in producing the isotopes that control radiation to make hazardous-waste containment possible.

Ceradyne is also facing heat from the bears over Pinnacle Armor’s Dragon Skin, but Moskowitz said he doesn’t believe Dragon Skin is a competitive product for his company.

Moskowitz has made some Home Gamers a lot of money and will continue to do so, Cramer said. “That stock is slated to go to $100.”

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