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It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Onyx Pharmaceuticals : Cramer reiterates his buy at $27. “I want to be in it.”

Spartan Stores : It just had a major move and it’s expensive, Cramer said. He recommends swapping out and getting into Kroger, which is much cheaper. : This is an also-ran, Cramer said. Go with best-of-breed .

Given Imaging : “I like GIVN very much” as a great speculative stock, Cramer said.

Clean Energy Fuels : This stock just had a very big move, and Cramer wants to wait for a longer view on it before making a decision.

Bentley Pharmaceuticals : The generic industry is “really awful,” Cramer said. “There’s no margins, it’s all commodity. Let’s move on.”

Great Lakes Dredge & Docks : This was a trade and only a trade, Cramer said. “I don’t look back at trades.”

Omniture : Cramer has been behind Omniture since it came public. That being said, he doesn’t believe it will be public this time next year, and he wants to stick with it.

Six Flags : It’s flatlining, and Cramer doesn’t expect it to move until it cleans up its debt.

Sears Holdings : “Eddie Lampert is going to do well for you,” Cramer said.

AG Edwards : “Ring the register … take the gain and move on.”

Coleman Cable : The catalyst already happened, and now you have to move on, Cramer said. “The time has passed for Coleman Cable.”

Lightning Round

Jim's charitable trust owns Sears Holdings.

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