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Tiger Woods, Federer and Nike: A Winning Combination?

With Roger Federeron the cusp of his record-tying fifth straight Wimbledon,Nike is for the first time putting him in a television advertisement. It's not a sales pitch, rather it's a message from Nike's biggest endorser Tiger Woods.

In what could be billed as Roger Federer's version of the famous "Hello World" spot that launched Tiger's relationship with the brand in 1996, this commercial includes previously unseen footage and images from Federer's childhood and takes the viewer up to Federer's rise to the top with Woods narrating. At the end, Woods says, "His name is Roger Federer and he has 10 majors and counting. But my name is Tiger Woods and I have 12 majors and counting, so keep up, buddy”.

The spot will begin airing on Friday. We're still waiting to see Nike try to sell something through Federer. It says a lot that they feel they still can't use him to specifically sell something and that everything they do is congratulatory or to promote limited edition 1 of 1 clothing made just for Federer.

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