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See What People Are Saying On July 9th

In one of the shows you referred to a bio tech stock that was working on lung cancer . Could you tell me the name of the stock as one of my neighbors is stricken?

-- Mike V.

Hi Mike -

I did some digging and I found a post from May 31st called ASCO: The Super Bowl Of Science. I think this might have the info you're trying to find. Click here to read the post.

-- Lee Brodie


Besides the obvious "T" what companies will benefit most from producing the iPhone?  Who makes the chips, or the flex print?

-- Tony from CT

Hi Tony -

On July 2nd CNBC's Julia Boorstin filed a report explaning which companies appeared poised to profit from the iPhone release. It's at the bottom of the Word On The Street Post. Click here to read it.

-- Lee Brodie

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