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Forget the Black-Footed Ferret

Whenever the environment is being ruined, wherever pristine wilderness is despoiled, you can bet that someone is making money hand over fist, Cramer said.

But in Pinesdale, Wyo., oil drillers Ultra Petroleum and Questar aren’t satisfied. In the interest of protecting the black-footed ferret and other animals, the Bureau of Land Management isn’t allowing the companies to dig during winter. But UPL and STR have asked for a waiver, and Cramer said the decision, which could tilt in their favor, is imminent.

Permission to Drill

Both companies are cheap right now because the gas they drill is in oversupply. Also, Rocky Mountain gas is cheaper than that of Henry Hub, which is the largest hub in the U.S. for natural gas trading, because there aren’t enough pipelines to link it to major Midwestern markets. But once phase two of the Rockies Express pipeline starts this December, that should be good news for both companies.

Bottom Line: When you read about the Bush administration despoiling our precious wilderness, you can get mad, or you can try to make money by buying Questar or Ultra Petroleum.

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