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See What People Are Saying On July 10th

This isn't supposed to be a political show, rather a trading show, yet Bolling has consistently made anti-Israel comments and seems to think if Israel would go away, Iran would enable gas prices to go lower!...Also, his face during the Israeli CEO of a geothermal company last week was telling - he sneered and scoffed the whole time.

-- Stacy R.

Hi Stacy -

Thanks for writing to us. We really do appreciate your comments and your criticisms too. I don't remember this exact conversation, but I can tell you Eric is very passionate about oil. I can also promise you he's not anti-Semitic.

As for those faces, when the guys think they're off camera, they often communicate with one another or members of the crew by whispering or via facial expressions. (In fact, this kind of thing happens all the time on TV shows.)

As I'm sure you can tell the guys are long time Wall Street professionals but not necessarily long time TV people. Consequently, sometimes the camera catches them in the act! That's what you're "really" seeing when the guys appear to sneer or scoff.

Hope this helps.

-- Lee Brodie

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