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See What People Are Saying On June 11th

Hi Everyone -

Yesterday's "See What People Are Saying" post really generated some passionate e-mails so I thought I'd post your responses today. (Yesterday I posted mine.)

As I hope you know, I read every comment as well as every criticism and I value everything you have to say.

-- Lee Brodie


"Why on God's green earth would you respond to "Stacy R"?  Not only does she not know what she's talking about, it's pretty clear from your response that you have no idea what she is talking about either.... I have watched this show every night since inception  - and no such (anti-Semitic) remark has been made..."

-- Jim S.


"Since when is it anti-Semitic to give advice about making money on good investments. I saw that piece... and I also scoffed..."

-- M.M.


Are you wondering what all the fuss is about?

> Click here to read yesterday's e-mail from Stacy R.

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