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Google's Brin: Not Interested In Facebook After All?

Sergey Brin

From the Allen Conference in Sun Valley, Idaho: I just spoke with Sergey Brin who, when asked if Google is interested in acquiring Facebook, said " we don't look at companies for acquisition unless they are really interesting.". Then he said that while he thinks the company is interesting he said: "I think they are doing well on their own."

Brin also said Google (Brin is Google co-founder and company president of technology) wouldn't go after Facebook unless they came to "talk to us." And it sounded like they certainly haven't approached them yet.

Everyone's reportedly saying that Google is the most likely acquirer of Facebook-- this is huge news that they're not interested!

Yahoo's already made a big and they surely still want it. I asked Sony's Howard Stringer about his interest in the space and he said that they're focused on building up Grouper, so they wouldn't be a buyer either.

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