America's Top States for Business 2007

America's Top States For Business -- On The Road In Utah

It's amazing the power you posses when you know a secret--apparently no matter how trivial.

To add a little fun to our series on America's Top States for Business, we've been unveiling our Top Five daily on CNBC's Power Lunch. Not only have we been keeping the identity of the states secret from our viewers until the last minute; there is only a small circle of people within CNBC who know where we will be each day.

Top States for Business

Journalists are curious by nature, so not knowing has given some people outside the circle absolute fits! Some have been bordering on resentful when we won't tell them. Others try to trick it out of me ("So, Scott," they say nonchalantly, "Where are you going tomorrow?"). And while the trick hasn't worked--yet, the fact is that people in our business are lousy at keeping secrets. We're all about getting information out, not hiding it. So on Tuesday, as I was building up the suspense to the big moment--Where will we be today?--a well-meaning but overeager person in the control room flashed a graphic on the screen "LIVE, ATLANTA, GA". Oh, well.

Today, we are in Utah, our number three state, where we plan to interview two members of the state's first family of business, the Huntsmans. Jon Huntsman, Jr., is the governor. His father, Jon Huntsman, Sr., one of the nation's wealthiest individuals, is presiding over a bidding war for the company he founded, Huntsman Chemical.

Hopefully you didn't find out about it too soon!