America's Top States for Business 2007

America's Top States For Business -- On The Road In Virginia

Newport News, VA, July 13, 1:15am -- We did it! Five states in five days, four flights and one long drive. Our journey through America's Top States for Business covered some 6,000 miles, and we hope we highlighted some of the states and practices that are "Keeping America Great".

Top States for Business

By the time you read this, our scores and rankings for No. 1 Virginia and all the other states will be available. Take a look. (You can sort our grid by any category.) See how your state stacks up. Let us know what you think.

No study like this is perfect, but we hope we've brought some attention to the perpetual battle among states for economic development, and answered the question we posed at the beginning: Why do some states do it better than others?

Thanks for watching...and reading.