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David Beckham: My Take On The Soccer Star

David Beckham

Just because I've labeled Freddy Adu as an absolute failure, people think I'm a soccer hater. Let's get this out of the way. I'm not by any means a huge soccer fan, but I don't hate the sport. That being said, because the sport can't be called a true major league here in America, the media gets the impression that a league like the MLS in need of a savior.

That's going to be David Beckham's downfall. David Beckham is going to be better than the average MLS player. But he's not going to be good enough to regularly appear in the highlight reels. The bottom line is us Americans, we like goals, and Beckham doesn't score enough of them. Not even close.

Please don't email me and tell me I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm just looking at the stats. In the last 23 games he has played in, for England and Real Madrid, Beckham has scored three goals. Folks, that means that roughly every eight games, he scores a goal.

Could you imagine how we'd fill SportsCenter if Peyton Manning hardly threw any touchdowns? That's my apples to apples comparison.

David Beckham might be selling the tickets and jerseys now, but the true question is, what kind of draw will he be in 2009? I say by then everything will be back to where it was before he came over here.

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