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JMBA: Will Breakfast Menu Make Investors Hungry For Stock?

Customers wait for their order at a Jamba Juice store.

Chunky smoothie sounds like an oxymoron. Yet Jamba Juice   will be turning out just this product in its effort to tap into the breakfast market. The company has found an original way to keep granola bits crunchy while putting them into its yogurt shakes. JMBA's also adding stuffed pockets with fillings and meals-in-a cup that can be eaten with a spoon.

Why mess with the traditional smoothie business? Jamba is trying to go after the profitable breakfast market packed with people like me who eat on the run or at their desk ("deskfast") but still want to stay healthy. Even McDonald's has tried its hand at yogurt breakfast items. Jamba's trying to expand and increase customer visits. Accoring to Jamba, 79% of customers visit Jamba fewer than twice a month. The company is trying to convert light users to medium (18%) or heavy (3%) users.

No one has seen the new product lineup yet. Let's see what the analysts and test market consumers think after taste testing the breakfast lineup.

JAMBA will be testing its hot stuffed pockets and food offering later this summer in a local San Francisco store and then roll products out to the New York and LA markets in September.

Investors have been asking just how JAMBA is going to continue producing growth and how they can get just the right type of market penetration without going the way of TCBY (remember when they were the new hot thing?)

Anyhow, my one question is whether Jamba can speed up production in store. Smoothes--even pricey ones like Jamba's--are great BUT I don't have the time in the morning to wait for the smoothie assembly. Maybe that's just my experience in New York but even a bagel and cream cheese order at a deli is faster.

Questions? Comments?