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MartinLogans: Speakers With The Best Sound Around!

MartinLogan Cinema i

How much did you pay for your plasma television set? Yes, I know prices have come down. You got a deal? $1,000, $2,000? Maybe $5,0000 for that 62 incher?

So why does the audio sound so bogus? Tiny? Because it's coming out of a 6 inch or 10 inch TV speaker that's why? What were you thinking? That the picture was going to be so good that the sound didn't matter? You need a good pair of speakers. You need some MartinLogans.

That's the sell from Lawrence, Kansas--home of the company that just might make arguably the best high end speakers in the business of sound. Last year they shipped 29,000 units. That's allot of premium decibels at $20,000 per pair.

This is one of 'those' All-American stories. Two guys, Martin and Logan their middle names, that just wanted to make something 'better'. Better than average, better than 'good'. It's American baby--we want to be the best, we can be the best--we should be the best.

MartinLogin speakers are--the best.

Using a special kind of technology, using American labor, American technology, American ingenuity--they have built a high end speaker and modular system that produces sound the like of which you haven't heard. Sure, it's expensive--but how much are you willing to spend to hear Norah Jones as if she were actually 'in' your living or family room.

Eighty folks work for the company in Lawrence, Kansas, because that's where the company founders lived in the late 70's when they founded the company. They make speakers that end up in living rooms around the world--70 countries. Jo-Lo,Oprah,Fabio--a list of celebs have them, but more importantly, a list of regular folks that want to hear the best, own them as well.

Price points range from $300 a unite, to $20,000 a pair. But the sound is like something you've never heard.

I just dug my 1969 Sony speakers out of the garage and hooked them up to my new TV. Wow, what a difference. Imagine what the MartinLogans would do with the patented, 'film' technology.

It's fun to find real American innovation alive and well in the heartland--we did. Listen--it's 'his master's voice'--it never sounded so good.

Back on the road. We're lookin' for you. Adios.

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