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Buffett on BizWeek's 'Big Brain' Top 10 List

Business Week has just released its list of the "biggest brains" in investing .. and no surprise .. Warren Buffett makes the cut.  (I think we all would have been surprised if he hadn't.)  The other nine: John Bogle, David Shaw, Ken Heebner, Bill Gross, John Templeton, Carl Icahn, David Swensen, George Soros, and Stephen Schwarzman.

The BizWeek story looks for lessons for "ordinary" investors from their Top 10 and finds:

  • The ability to see opportunities before everyone else
  • "Intellectual integrity" .. the willingness to defy the market's conventional wisdom and go their own way
  • Investing for the long haul ... sticking with their picks even if they are "buffeted by the news or the noise"
  • Changing with the times (but not too much!)
  • Learning from your mistakes

For some Buffett-specific lessons for small investors, check out this Warren Buffett Watch post from earlier this month.

And if you've learned some specific lessons from the O-of-O that you'd like to share, send me an email.  I'll collect some of the best examples of "Learning from Warren" for a future post.

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