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See What People Are Saying On July 17th

Love the show.  Wondering what happened to COP lately.  I figured it would just keep going up with oil prices where they are, but it is losing ground.  Especially that it is due to report earnings this week.

--  Jim L from California

Good news Jim - the guys just talked about that stock in last night's show. Below is a link to the post which is called "Crack Is Wack." (In case you're wondering, that refers to the gas crack and not the drug.) Hope this helps!

-- Lee Brodie

> Crack Is Wack


What time do same store sales come out and what is the best web site to use to see them?

-- Marla

Same-store sales are usually released on the second Thursday of each month, with most major retailers issuing their figures via the wires. Of course the best way to see this information is on! Just go to the home page and click on "News" on the top navigation bar. ( does a nice job too.)

-- Lee Brodie
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