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See What People Are Saying On July 18th

Congratulations and thank-you for having the courage to give Bill Fleckenstein a platform to voice his opinion.  He is correct about the obnoxious over-emphasis on "milestone" numbers on CNBC throughout the day, and in fact throughout the year.  Whether one agrees with his outlook or not, it speaks of your show's integrity that you give serious consideration to his view, as well as to others, and without cutting him off in mid-sentence (like some other "unnamed" CNBC personalities consistently do)!

This conscientious attempt at even-handed coverage with some depth sets your show apart from the rest of CNBC's day, and is one of the reasons that I NEVER miss your show.  Keep up the good work!

-- Esther L. from Oregon

Thanks Esther. At "Fast Money" we really do value every point of view. Reader, if you're interested in seeing the segment that Esther is talking about - the link is below.

-- Lee Brodie

> Don't Be Fooled By Round Number

---------------------------------------------------------- (BIDU) has risen almost 120 points since April 2nd. That’s incredible and nobody says a word on this great financial channel. I think unbelievable things like this should be noted. I've never seen any stock move this many points in a little over 3 months.

-- Denny

You're making a great point Denny! But I have to tell you Pete Najarian has been making that point, too! Below is one of many posts in which Pete recommends (BIDU) as "The Google" of China. 

-- Lee Brodie

> Bad Fish Trade

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