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Steve Jobs: Who's "Playing" Him On The Internet?

Whoever writes says he (she?) isn't the Apple  CEO, he just plays him on the internet. The true author is the object of much speculation inside the tech circle. The only clue we have is that "Fake Steve" claims he (she??) "invented the friggin iPod," a jab at the real Steve Jobs. On the blog Fake Steve rips on everyone.

On Microsoft's attempts to get Red Hat   to offer interoperability with its Linux products and Windows: "In the world of Beastmaster Bill this just means it's going to take a little longer to get what he wants because there will be an extra hurdle to get over. But he'll get there." Fake Steve calls Linux lovers "freetards." (Ok, that is kinda funny)

On the singer Prince(whom Fake-Steve-as Real-Steve loves): "I've wanted to meet him for years but he won't take my calls and won't meet me. He thinks I'm the devil..."

On passing the billion dollar mark in his personal wealth: "It freaks you out, really. I was standing in front of a mirror in my living room, naked, just looking at myself. Which is just something I do. I check out my body. And once a month I take a photo, and save them in a scrapbook. I've been doing this since I was fifteen."

Driving down the freeway at 80 mph with the flow of traffic the other day I saw the following bumper sticker: "REPUBLICANS FOR VOLDEMORT"

I laughed so hard I nearly slowed down. I found them for sale online:

There is a female shortage in Alaska. The result? Mountain men gone amok! This weekend in Fairbanks they're holding the "Grizzly Alaskan Contest,"where men are judged by how hairy they are: hairiest legs, hairiest chest, bushiest beard, and... gulp... ugliest feet. That last one is called the "Frontier Feet" contest, and the head of the Chamber of Commerce tells Wireless Flash News, "The judges always say that's the worst contest to try to judge." REALLY? Now, I love a manly man as much as the next red-blooded American woman, and this whole metrosexual craze concerns me (I really don't want to be with a guy who's as concerned with his looks as I am about mine), but judging a man by his corns and calluses? That's grizzly.

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